Canton, Georgia
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Was looking for a GSG STG-44 22LR, Replica MP-44 at the best price I could find. Buds came up as a retailer, and so I went to their online store.

What I found were several STG-44's for sale, at all kinds of different prices. Most of which seemed somewhat less than other online FFL dealers, which totaled about one or two. In an effort to determine the reasons for these price variances I gave them a call. Though the customer service agent I spoke with was nice, he didn't seem to have a real confident answer at first to my question.

Long story short, his explanation finally was some of the rifles come with smaller magazine capacities, and some do not include the special wooden crate with the German WWII markings. I wanted my rifle to include both the larger capacity mag and the wooden crate. So we went through the ones on their website, identified what I thought was the correct item to buy, and at the higher price btw, what I got, NO CRATE! Upon calling them, the agent verified my issues were certainly valid, and then all the customer service agent could come up with was, we will call the manufacturer and see if they will send me the special crate.

Maybe born the day before yesterday, not yesterday. If this was some run of the mill 22, no big deal, but this rifle is a collectors item and part of the nostalgia with it, is the special crate. Bottom line, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, false advertising and extremely poor customer service. I was expecting to hear, we are very sorry sir, and will send you the crate for the rifle.

As not only did you pay for it, you even indicated in the notes section of the order, this is what you wanted and to contact you if there was a problem . What is the purpose of notes, if nobody reads them? Yes *** me, I was expecting them to own up to what was clearly their mistake, and they did anything but. What I got, total B.S.

Buds is yet another example of companies today that will use every means to rip off the consumer for a profit. This customer took just about all means to ensure something like this would not happen, and still got burned.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Buds Gun Shop Cons: Customer service, Deceptive advertising.

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