Boise, Idaho

If your like myself as an FFL Dealer and you deal with Buds that you're going to be sorry as time goes on. UPS was told to hold a weapon from delivery and to hold at the terminal for a later date while I was attending an out of state gun show.

The terminal decided they couldn't wait for two days and sent the weapon back to buds and made it out that I was at fault which the driver did in fact place a hold on all packages till I returned. Buds called me the day after I got back and chewed my *** till it bled. They have their business and when you sign up with the company that then they run your business as well and if you don't like it, its to bad as they control your status as a dealer. So, if you deal with this outfit I feel sorry for your customer and your business as they are and will make you out to be some dirt bag dealer if you don't comply with their way of business.

I told the "***" to shove it and will no longer accept their products or shipments. So, stop business with them and have your customers deal with someone else and you'll be better off than to deal with these ***.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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