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Issue started with purchase of gun (Nov 2014) from Budsgunshop of 44 Mag which was found defective upon receipt and sent back to Buds (Dec 2014). The 44Mag revolver had both used/wear/scuff mark like it was used gun ? or handling damage ? and also had broken off cylinder release button that made the gun completely non-functional !! Called budsgunshop rep and she agreed to return gun (thank you) based on eye witness account from both myself and FFL dealer about gun condition.

However, at no point during entire process did allow me to write a review of gun - in fact their website claimed they had no record of me having bought gun from them. WTF ???

Brought up the issue on three (3) different occasions on budsgunshop website with comment ending with "WTF?" term - however instead of acknowledging website product review issue on their end and promising a fix/resolution with on-site IT team this customer service manager Nick had a "meltdown" and "flew off the handle" and actually fed me a weak long line of bs about "no review function since order open" - "no review function since order returned" - "no review function since order cancelled" blah blah blah !!

Unfortunately, like other Yelp reviews (Reddit?) Nick was rude, Nick was crass, Nick was argumentative and and Nick was downright belligerent including threats of "no, will not let you speak to my boss" ??? "I am cancelling your account" and in fact actually HUNG up on me and blocked my phone number ! Really ? Really ? How Arrogant ? How Childish ? Grow Up !!! Plus, I have YET to receive my REFUND check from Buds and cannot call Buds Accounting/Customer Service because my phone number is blocked ! WTF ???

Irony is Buds released a "Behind the Scenes" video from "Tony in Marketing" dated 12/12/2012 where the Director of customer service "Elaine" speaks about hiring employees proficient at customer service - employees who speak with a smile - heck they even interviewed this Nick on the video - however clearly Nick missed the "memo" on customer service with a smile especially this 2014 holiday season.

Been dealing with budsgunshop for 4? 5? years with multiple gun and accessory purchases but never ever faced such terrible customer service - absolutely unacceptable customer service including cancelling my online account from buying guns, blocking my phone number from calling to report customer dissatisfaction much less placing future gun phone order and still/yet to recieve my refund for defective gun !!

Owners of BudGunShop - Marion/Bud, Rex & Joe - perhaps time for "your call may be recorded for quality purposes" to monitor unprofessional non customer service oriented employees like manager Nick who instead of acknowledging and apologizing and resolving issue(s) actually want to blame customers and want to ban customers. WTF ?!?!?!?

Lastly, and this is NO small matter, this case has also exposed/demonstrated a potential problem with the budsgunshop website that did NOT allow me to register a "negative" feedback for defective/blemished gun purchase which calls into question budsgunshop claims of customer satisfaction. BBB anyone ?

Congratulations Nick V at BudsGunShop - Worst Customer Service Manager & Worst Customer Service Experience of 2014 !!

P.S. ALL this time I thought BudsGunShop was cheap(est) option online - however following Nick V "meltdown" I used "" and bought two more guns and saved 20% - yes 20% - on both !! So THANK YOU Nick V for costing your boss/owner and your company my business $$ and my patronage and saving me 20% in process. "Karma is a *** !! :-)

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States #1101888

Complaints should go to THE ATF or whatever government body

New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States #933030

Yeah I experience Nick- got my order cancelled and banned from the site cause Nick is a ****!!!!!! Why have a customer service rep in a department that he clearly can not handle and cost your company money!!???

Oh I have spent thousands since my bad experience at buds guns.

It has been to other companies cause buds guns is a joke!!!!! Right now they have a gun for sale at buds guns for $749 you can get the same exact gun for $599 at there competition!!!!!

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