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I you "shop" Buds, then you'll see pricing change... sometimes by the hour on certain guns. I think you'll also find, you can check online via one device, say your mobile device, then you're home device and you'll get two different prices. Two different public IP's (from different ISP's) and, well... they must be logging.

The way to "search" Bud's is to not view specific pages for items. That is, if you want a Walther P99CAS (compact, anti stress), try searching P99, or Walther. DON'T look at the page for the P99CAS, just view all the search results. Don't log into your account!

Anyway... true story. Gander had the P99CAS for $449.00, Buds had it for $539 with a "Price Match". I used the price match, they said... nope. Buds could do $529 and that was final. Next day, Buds has the pistol for $479. WTF?

The pricing is variable all the time with those guys!

Wednesday seems to have the lowest prices for some reason.

And, be sure of your item, what its really worth in the market, and all the charges you'll pay from Bud's (or any vendor). It pays to shop, and to even "shop" Buds because you can get better pricing many times from them. Again, know the real value of what you want, and only buy if the vendor pricing is in line.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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