Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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We all know with what happened in CT the other week, assault rifles are flying off the shelves, and prices seem to be going up. I have been a long time buyer from, and have had 10+ transactions of firearms with them.

Since this event, you have to be very careful when buying the rifles. Three times now, I have added a rifle to my cart, got completely to the end of the checkout, and the rifle price went up 40-50%. This is a couple hundred dollars when you're talking about a decent one.

Each time I was able to catch it before clicking the final button, but just beware.

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Bud's Gun Shop has been and remains a nightmare for me. They bait and switch non stop and the kids at customer disservice are a simply pitiful when challenged.

They make ridiculous comments like "you cannot expect us to make sure that what you received is what you ordered"!

Really? So right there on my FFL's little glass counter I should break down an expensive AR15 to make sure that an extremely important internal part is the one that I could only assume came inside the gun I had waited three weeks for?


Buds Gun Shop -- what a joke and sorry excuse for a business! The CS Reps are plain idiots and ignorants, they do not even know the law.

Shipping dept. is even worse. They always over promise and slow to deliver. They make lots of mistakes in shipping to customers the wrong items, and they do not even make it right.

Be smart and never buy from these gun *** Support your local gun dealer. The small savings you get are not worth the aggravation in putting up with these clowns. After the most recent experience I had with them, I decided that I will never buy from them again.

A business like this does not deserve to be supported ever. These guys going out of business will be a service to decent gun buyers of USA.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #622397

The government wants all semi automatics out of the country with bans on all of them so that only the national guard, the police, and government people have access to them. Then comes the ban with consequences.

American people again in slavery with only the criminals with guns. The good folks with brains will have nothing to defend themselves against criminals while the criminals have free access.

It seems like this happened a few times prior like in Rome and in Paris. I guess you know the consequences to follow.

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