Regardless with the Pot Smoking, Due Rag Wearing, Scrooge, Boy in the Hood Gangsta Security Supervisor from Dana Farber is working for Securitas or the Brigham & Woman's In House Security Department, regardless whether or not Brigham & Woman Security does drug testing foe their security officers, I am continuing of not support the Jimmy Fund & Boston Red Sox.

In addition, I am not supporting donating to Brigham & Woman's Hospital or the Brigham & Woman-Dana Farber Cancer Center, since Brigham & Woman's Hospital is a partner with Dana Farber, who still has a security account with Secrutias.

Preferred solution: N/A.

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I will not be a patient at Brigham & Womans Hospital as long as Reginald Clement is working security there. I will do a non resusitation `order before I become a patient there.


I am pleased Dana Farber drop their account with Securitas Security USA Inc., but there are some issues with Brigham & Woman Hospital. Which includes the Pot Smoking, Duw Rag Wearing Scrooge Boy in the hood Gangster Former Weekday Overnight Securitas Supervisor working as a Security Officer at Brigham & Womans especial since Dana Farber merged with Brigham to create the Dana Farber-Brigham's Cancer Center. Because of that I'm still not supporting the Jimmy Fund & Boston Red Sox.

@Kayonna Bsz

Reginald Clement, the pot smokimg dew rag wearing boy in the hood scrooge gnagsta former securitas security supervisor current Brigham & Women's Hospital Security Officdr likes to call his personnel retards. Because of that I'm not supporting jimmy fund & Boston Red Sox.