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Upon inquiring about mistaken services, I was told I would receive a private patient's web portal and a health non-problematic detection sign in package. Upon calling and contacting for the patient portal, it was determined that the service was slow and poor to provide patient portal access as promised an exclusive and added service that was never included that was promised at the day of the service at the Brandon Dermatology and company. This is an addition of patient negligence, and it is the most important benefit of the Brandon Dermatology, since its patient portal is meant to devise followups service that thrives upon the company's system that is Brandon Dermatology.

This service is usually expressed in the contract between the patient and the Brandon Dermatology.

Information about health continues to become connected, but as we are aware of negligence and lack of professionalism inside office happens and claims refile upon it.

User's recommendation: Not recommendable and lack of service benefits.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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