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WORST! Dont waste your money, I got better products from Playbox.

The last 2 boxes I had I got duplicate eyeliners and customer service just argued with me about it until I gave up! Why would I make up being sent 2 *** $5 eyeliners? I dont know if they just reserve the worst products for new subscribers or what. Also the survey they give you means nothing...

I specifically said no hair tools (does my hair look long enough for wands or straighteners??) and my last box had, you guessed it, a flat iron as the "high value item". Good luck unloaded unwanted items on Ebay, there are so many postings (maybe other unhappy customers?) listing items that they are worth next to nothing.

I'd suggest skipping the subscription and if you see a product you want go on ebay and buy it cheap. So happy it's my last month this month!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Subscription.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I never got the hair strengthener which was disappointing


I bet you have it marked on your preference youd like one! I'm sorry


I have marked on my preferences I want the check for whatever the value of the box is.




Some people will complain about anything. My above comment saying I asked for a check in preferences is a how y'all sound when you post reviews like this.

Petty. This site should start monitoring reviews before they let them post.


Feel better?


The hair straightener was part of everyone's box for December and has a value of 75$ so get over yourself. You also received a 25$ setting powder, $20 tarte lip paint or a $34 sueva eyeshadow palette.

There is nothing in the boxycharm quiz that asks if you DONT want to receive something. They base your box on your preferences so they can get as close to your liking as possible. So you're not being honest when you say you requested no hair items, because it isn't even possible to do that. They don't look up your instagram photos to see what hairstyles you wear.

If you contacted customer service and explained you got a duplicate item, they would replace it with something else no problem, this has happened occasionally and it's as easy as emailing them about it. They even have commented on their instagram to a couple others this has happened to. Also it's a 21$ box. The month that you're talking about receiving the eyeliner was november and it came with a full size Ace Beaute eyeshadow palette (25$), fx glitter drops ($44), lashaholic lashes OR bodyography brush cleaner($15), and 4 shadow brush set or double ended tweezers($15).

Almost always the retail value of the box is over 100$. If your complaints were not so poorly communicated and actually seemed valid, I could understand someone just saying the sub wasn't for them. Do you expect Pat McGrath palettes and Mac P.R. sets for $21?

You sound like a self centered brat whose parents didn't buy her the right color iphone XR for Christmas. Good grief.


1) The hair straightener actually was not a part of everyone's set, any research at all could have told you that:. Your prized sraightener runs about $10 on eBay.

2) The quiz actually does ask you which type of items you would like to receive. 3) I contacted CS service through a series of about 7 back and forth emails over the course of about 2-3 weeks and all they did was argue with me that it wasn't possible to receive the same product twice, would you like me to post those emails as well? I am not sure if you know how this website works but you take it to sites like these when customer service has failed you, which Boxycharm has done. 4) I am aware how these services work which is why I stated I was more satisfied with the products I received with Playbox and also stated I would be very happy when this month which is my last was over so I wouldnt have to deal with them anymore.

I am not satisfied with this service. 5) Would I expect to see a Pat McGrath palette or M.A.C. set every month. Well first I have never received a product of this caliber from Boxycharm so yes that would at least be a step in the right direction for 1 month at least.

Again I submitted this because I tried to resolve it with Boxycharm and their customer service only argued with me, so again I am not satisfied with this charm and warning other buyers that my experience with them was not great. I also never had trouble when dealing with CS with Playbox. 6) I am a 38 year old woman who has never owned and iPhone and certainly don't expect my parents to buy me one nor my makeup or anything else for that matter. 7) Do you spend all your time trolling review sites?

If so I think maybe you could find a better use for your time. Cheers - Still unsatisfied "self-centered brat whose parents didn't buy me the right color iphone XR for Christmas" Haley


Don't inflate your ego even more thinking you're somehow special because I commented on your ridiculous complaint. I don't spend my time "trolling" sites but it sounds like you spend your time as a professional victim and complainer.

I was actually googling boxycharm January spoilers and unfortunately I came across your childish (38 year old adult) bratty rant. You posted this review about a 5$ eyeliner and mini straightener that were 2/5ths of items you recieved in a 21$ box. The tarte lip paint and wander palette OR lip paint and pretty vulgar setting powder together are double or triple the cost of the box. Imagine how you'd react if an actual injustice or tragedy happened to you.

And just as I said, the quiz asks you your preference, there is nothing in the quiz that's says 'choose this option if you don't want to receive something.' It just asks you to rate your preferences from most to least liked so they can TRY to better accommodate subscribers. I really couldn't care less about your emails. I know I have recieved a couple defective products and had absolutley no problem dealing with customer service and getting them replaced. I've also had family and friends that subscribe and they have always had great customer service on the rare occasion there is a problem.

So it seems if you ranted at them in your email the way you did here, the problem is likely you. Funny how the hypocrite voices her entitled opinion and then gets upset when someone combats her attitude and voices their own opinion.

Maybe take your own advice and find a better use of time than trying to give legitimate companies a bad rep because you think everyone owes you something and throwing a fit didn't produce results for once. Of course you're more satisfied buying used, unsanitary and fake ebay makeup.


Get a life


Then YOU dont write a bad a review about them!


I never got the hair straightener for my regular December box. I think everyone got it in Boxyluxe but regular boxycharm was not guaranteed