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I like your products and enjoy receiving my box I'm just an older lady and I put down that I didn't want a lot of sparkles

I keep getting sparkles and pink lipstick I like red lipstick and very little sparkles I am old it doesn't look good if I can't change this I might as well cancel but I really like your stuff


Boxy Luxe

Why was I emailed I had Upgraded on Saturday the 1st, And then I get an Email said on December Wait List. At the End of the Email Had an Email of the CEO ( Yosef) Snatching a Luxe Box from a Girl.

I always thought Yosef was a Fair Man very active in His Company, But that Day I lost Respect for Him. I was excited about Boxy Luxe. I ask Customer Service Why got 2 Different Email they would not answer .If that was not bad enough a Girl I know , Signed up for Boxy Charm August the 30th and was offered Boxy Luxe for Promo she got Luxe Box , She did not have to get the Aug Box With Laura Lee Palette.

You said had to be Subscribed Charmer .They had to be Subscribed in August. I can provide Name of person this happened with.


Need shippers address for Boxycharm

My August box wasn't shipped due to error of wrong address from you guys. I am trying to track it but I need shippers information



What do I do or how can I cancel my subscription



I received the becca shimmering skin protector it arrived all broken how can I get another one..didnt know how to get a hold of you..can you call me 956-655-2760.. Thanks


Where is my Boxycharm?

I'm disappointed in Boxycharm's customer service...I didn't recieved my, July box Boxycharm was paid on July 2nd. I messaged Boxycharm about this,...along with my receipt and this was the customer service agent response.

"I'm sorry"..We won't send you any further messages".

I spent 3 hour's trying to reach someone and when I finally did, I get this woman who has no clue. Why isn't there a contact number for Boxycharm customer service?


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