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I get BoxyCharm which is a monthly subscription beauty box and the January box had a gel eyeliner from a company called Model Co. well here is where it gets gross...

the eyeliner was covered in some kind of gross crystal moldy looking stuff.... yuck! I wasn't the only one to get one like that.. they put out a statement saying that it was "condensation" but I have been wearing gel eyeliner for a very (very) long time and sure condensation happens but this was not condensation.

This was hard little white and blue crystals and I have never seen anything like that before.... they offered to send me another one... no thanks... i like having my eyeballs ....

I was very disappointed in not only that they sent that in the box but also in the way they responded to the problem which was with an attitude when I called in to the customer service and just a form letter when I emailed so... in short I will not be continuing with them and I do not recommend them to anyone because this box costs $21/month and I expect fresh products and good customer service!!!!

Monetary Loss: $21.

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