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Michael Maund-Bookit.comGrand Sirenis ResortUS AirlinesTo all involved in this mess-I made several attempts to contact you prior to our trip with no success, again. And as far as I am concern you dropped the ball and really made minimal effort to contact me prior to leaving.And now that we have returned from our vacation from *** I am attempting to contact you again.The hotel we stayed at was the Grand Sirenis in Riviera Maya April 22 - April 29 -rooms 1731 & 1731.

The first day there I called the U.S twice and had a friend contact Book it the evening of the 22nd- She was told that bookit would contact me at my hotel immediately after hanging up(she contacted bookit twice) and on day two I waited half the day by the phone for your company to contact me. To no surprise I heard from no one. I was desperately trying to change hotels upon our first experience with this hotel. I was in tears- when I spoke to the front desk explaining the horrible food that they were serving.

Burgers at the pool buffet were cold & dried out as well as the hot dogs the rest of the food there was limited and looked like left overs. I held out hope for the main buffet-unfortunately plenty of food but very little anyone in our group could eat. Our palate is pretty basic and the food was substandard garbage some you could not figure out what was being served. The stench of the rooms was as if they needed to be bleached.

The first evening after eating pnut butter and jelly exhausted from the whole experience we went to retire for the night- and it only gets better-THE BEDDING WAS dirty/STAINED-IT TOOK MANAGEMENT FOUR SETS OF SHEETS AND BLANKETS AND ENDED UP bringing back the original stained bedding. Room service had to be contacted after each cleaning to restock the fridge-every day! The curtains were falling down. It was not a matter of variety it was not edible and I am not a fussy eater.

Most was overcooked, under cooked, unidentifiable, or just plain terrible tasting. I spoke to a gentlemen on day three and he was not accommodating at all he was some form of management from the front desk, basically saying I was stuck and to contact bookit in the states(which I tried)he could not do anything unless you okay'd it. Funny bookit said they could not change my hotel unless the hotel agreed!!!!!!! So, who is not owning up to this mess?

Late on day four the customer service rep called and I explained the situation she gave an additional meal to one of the specialty ala carte restuarants and that was an even worse meal. My food at the italian specialty restaurant was so disgusting my daughter had chicken and it was raw when she cut into it, not a little pink, and it was a lengthy wait just to get the food. We showed it to the gentleman in charge and they agreed it was not cooked. When we ate at the Japanese restaurant a man got up half way through put his hands up and said enough food this is terrible!!!

We didn't even know him...I am not alone in this I spoke to others that said they would not return to this resort. The only people that could have enjoyed the food if you were from ethiopia and didn't know any different!Beyond asking for a beer or which direction something was you could not really carry a conversation with staff they simply did not understand english. So they are not bi lingual as stated.As far as drinks if you didnt tip forget about having alcohol in the drink. I had to go off site on may occasions to feed my family.

An expense I did not and should not have been expected to incur at an ALL INCLUSIVE. I was sick most of the trip from the food I did attempt to eat. I observed raw hamburger at the buffet by the pool setting against a warm grill for hours. The morning we left I had a coffee in the main buffet only to see left over hamb/hot dogs and other food from the day before that they were reheating and serving.

I inquired with the staff and that is what they were doing with it. I have photos....However, when I spoke to customer service previous she state all food is discarded after four hours.....someone is not keeping track. Food bacteria is very very dangerous in any language!!!!! Our flight was a whole issue in itself......on the return flight all of the hydraulics blew and the flight was cancelled.

The gate agents were not very helpful, they basically told everyone there were no other flights and everyone would be put up for the night. But, person after person rebooked there own flights taking on the expense of phone costs etc. Not everyone was successful obviously but no attempt was made to even try and I realize there are unforeseen issues that occur that cause flight delays. Look, I used to work for several major air carriers so I know the drill-nothing was offered for my family regarding meals, water, while in the airport and we were there from approx 7am until after 3pm waiting on a flight that American Airlines honored our tickets.

With a 330am arrival at our destination & I missed a half of day of work.I am a single parent who has not been on a vacation with my children in over ten years. It has taken me five years to save for this trip-this was a total disaster. I am seek compensation for this whole mess there is no excuse why you did not get ahold of me from the beginning to straighten out original issues on the handling of my reservations.

You made two weak attempts to contact me-two after I emailed you and phoned bookit at minimum of twenty times trying to locate you only to be on *** hold. What kind of customer service has no way of being contacted.This was far from elation Bud speaks of regarding travel with Bookit.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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