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Purchased a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas using Bookit. We paid the initial downpayment following by 2 more payments that were charged automatically to my credit card.

Prior to leaving for vacation, the complete package had been paid in full. Upon arrival, the hotel stated that the reservation had been canceled because bookit and not paid for ours and may other reservations. With the assistance of the hotel staff, we contacted Bookit and were disconnected several times. I asked to speak with the hotel manager and she personally called bookit and we were placed on hold for 30 minutes.

When we finally got to talk to someone, she asked for my confirmation number and put me on hold for another 30 mins. By the way, this is while people are behind me in line waiting to check in. When she came back on, she said she had been trying to contact the hotel but could not. I told her I was standing with the hotel manager and that she could talk directly to her.

She stuttered for a couple seconds and acted like she didn't want to talk to her. When I handed the phone to the manager, the lady from bookit hung up the phone. Based on other reviews I’ve read, hanging up on customers is fairly common with bookit. At least lately it has been.

I’ve seen this before when companies have run into financial problems and are having cash flow issues (more money going out than coming in). Since it sounds like the non-payment issue has happened to a significant number of people recently, I assume bookit is going bankrupt. In order to have a room to stay in, I had to pay for the resort twice using all of the remaining credit on my card. The hotel also suggested that we not use bookit in the future and to make arrangements directly with the airlines and hotels.

I hadn't realized how risky using a third party could be. If they decide to not pay the hotel, you are stuck paying for it again and their customer service is so slow that it can take days to get anything resolved. They eventually paid for the hotel but I doubt they will refund me for the day they ruined. Shame on them.

The small amount of money you save isn’t worth giving up a day of your vacation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Customer service, Integrity.

  • Canceled Vacation
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