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We booked a vacation to the Bahamas this month through and everything was great leaving, no problems or issues with the flight over and our stay at the hotel was great as well.

But, our flight back was a nightmare, we had received in October schedule changes in flight times, called and spoke with an agent to confirm the new scheduel, received our new itinerary of those changes and left the states self assured that everything was fine.

However, our return trip proved differently someone at bookit did not pass these changes onto US AIRWAY, by the way who are shyters as well. I ended up paying an additional two hundered dollars to get home, spent a total of thirteen hours in the airport and on the plan, when we should have spent only 4 hours in flight and airport time.

December 17, 2010 I called Bookit and spoke with one of their representatives who said we did not confirm the changes, which was a ball face lie, if I had not confirm the changes they would have never sent me a new itineray.

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We are extremely pleased that your arrival and stay in the Bahamas was pleasant. However, we will not stand idly by in acceptance of a trip that did not end with you being more pleased than when you left.

We sincerely apologize for the issues you encountered with your flight and would love the opportunity to speak with you further.

Our top priority is to ensure total guest elation, and until we have done that we do not feel that we have done our jobs. Please contact our customer service department so that we can reach a solution that will leave you feeling elated!

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