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Booked a trip 3 months in advance, 3 nights stay in vegas, 4 nights in LA. Last night in vegas they called saying they couldnt book the hotel.

I spent hours and hours on phone, wasting my night for me and my crew. They couldnt get another hotel "in my price range". So i slept in car with my pregnant GF and other members in a diff vehicle. Stressful, yes.

Due to this my gf was very stressed and started spotting. Hospital bill of 1500$ which is thankfully covered i think under my benefits... but still another wasted day. So i wanted a refund for my entire trip for ruining it and my phone bill.

They could only cover a portion of phone bill because 90 of the minutes were under my plan for airtime minutes. Which is *** because of the phone time with them, they used up all my minutes and in turn caused me lots of more money calling other hotels etc. Caused us all a lot of stress, hours and hours on phones. All i wanted was a refund of entire vacation and reimbursement for my phone bill.

But that isnt possible and they are the worst customer service ever.

I wish i could sue them but i live in canada. not sure if its worth all the process.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Vacation Package Booking.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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