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Don't stay at the Majestic Hotel in Miami South Beach and Don't use bookit!

I booked the second hotel on and recived what I payed for and good service.

Starting off the traffic on Ocean drive is very congested at times no parking in front of the hotel and with tables on the sidewalk and so close together there is no room to move your luggage into the hotel, The Majestic Hotel Located at 660 Ocean Dr Miami Beach (South Beach ) across the street from the beach from the Hotel front porch you cannot see the ocean, The room that we booked looked large on the web site photo. Well, you guessed it. A very small room with no place to store luggage. The bathroom is smaller then on the cruise ship. Two feet wide by four feet long shower - don't drop the soap! The room failed to meet my expectations.

Once you get past the hustling waiters outside and step in, you will enter a very shabby lobby that also serves as a waiter station. No one offers to help you in any way- luggage or otherwise. From the small elevator in poor condition to the cheap faucets in the bath room and no venting. There is only 1 receptionist who stands in a small room. I was shocked when the reservationist told us we had to pay cash for parking in advance. Service by another company Super Park $108.00 for 4 days no address on their claim check no phone number. I was told by the rude receptionist they park the cars down the street they could give me no address, I asked the parking attendant for a receipt. I couldn't even read it. The hand writing was so poor. I gave them a 30,000.00 car to park and not even a receipt! Poor Service! So let's review; I paid for the room in September $320.94 + a $10.00 a day resort fee + tax and a $250.00deposit for incidentals and or damages which may take processing center 7-10 to be released. Night one back in our room some celebration band with a lot of drums and a string gizmo that has cables or string across the street to the building next door on the same side as our room window. They started playing around 7:00pm and continued till 4:30 am and then the band started next door till 5:00 am

I called the front desk to see if anything could be done about the noise. She said she would ask that the music inside the hotel be turned down but could do nothing about the music outside. I asked her : "shouldn't you inform your customers about a celebration that could keep them up all night?" her reply was "yes I agree" but not even a apology. So I'm writing this review with 3 hours of sleep.

$320.00 for the room $46.00 resort fee $250.00 deposit $108.00 for parking. All of this in advance ($724.00) for four nights.

I especially like the resort fee of 10.00 per day + tax - what resort? So we can go down the street to use the pool?

The view of the building next door that looks something like the Bates Hotel and a nice view of the dumpsters. My opinion is that this hotel over charges for everything including a bottle of water in my room at only $5.00. I asked the rude receptionist if I could talk to the manager she told me she was the manager, I will never pay for a hotel in advance again unless I have been there myself. You see, what the so called manager did not know and I informed her of, is that I own a Travel business. I would never subject my customers to this kind of treatment and I suggest you never book this hotel, See the enclosed photos to get a real look at this hotel. Oh by the way I booked it on BOOKIT.COM. I CALLED THEM TO SEE IF THEY COULD GET ME OUT OF THIS HOTEL. THE ANWSER WAS NO.


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The majestic hotel 660 ocean drive Miami , as stated above, our stay was horrible . Everything the above post stated about this joke of a hotel/resort is True.

Is isn't a resort by any means, it's a resturant with bedrooms. And I esp like the fees on check out, resort fees and taxes ... I paid I'm advance for stay threw Bookit, and when checking out not only did the rude hotel manager throw those fees at us, he tryed to claim we had a third guest stayin! Which was completely untrue , I told him to check his video tapes which we right behind him, and agreements on checkout continued.

I was so angry with the fact this man was bacily calling me a lier about our so called unpaid guest... Where he would have slept I kept asking lol, I'm the closet ? The rooms were tiny, and honestly Only good thing about the place was the cool shop and shop owner underneath the hotel. We enjoyed our four day getaway, but will never stay at that place again, and recommend it be avoid at all cost.

I honestly almost slapped the manager when he continued to call me a lier, until we finally proved him wrong,,with no apologie from him, we gathered our things and left before things got any worse. Safe to say, don't request a late checkout, they don't honor it, there is no ocean view, the place is a dump. And not worth the price.

Can't say enough bad things to honestly justified this horrible place. Seems like once checkout comes what little respect the manager gives is gone, and I on a mission to let people know how bad this place was.


The Majestic is the Worst hotel in Miami I will never say at this dirty over charged hotel!


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