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I booked a hotel room on 3/1/10 and was charged $100.00 that day and charged another $270.00 on 3/19/10. I then cancelled the room within the time limit told to me on 3/25/10 with a $19.95 cancellation charge to follow.

It is 4/2/10 and I still haven't received the refund. I tried to call BookIt and both the numbers on my itinerary are no longer working numbers. My Discover rep tells me that I have to wait 15 days to even file a claim. Ok, but they will be charging me another $270.00 today.

My Discover rep says too bad you'll have to wait to file on that charge also. So my credit card bill is climbing and I have no defense until 15 days after all the charges go through. What a scam. We should all open companies and hold money for $15 days while we invest the capital.

It is a win win situation for BookIt and a losing situation for all consumers.

I love to let companies use my capital at no charge. It is the American way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Room Booking.

Monetary Loss: $640.

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