Left home in 30 degree weather wearing wool sweaters at 4:00 AM for a Cancun trip. Arrived in Cancun around 2:00 PM, 84 degrees only to find out that bookit.com had not paid for our hotel that had been booked for over a month and paid for.

Sat around the hotel for hours trying to get bookit.com to get things straight. Numerous phone calls to them to no avail. After hours of hauling luggage, hot and tired we put a room on our credit card just so we could shower and get some rest. Hours the next day were spent trying to get bookit.com to pay for our hotel.

Finally they did. I have no idea what happened as no one seems to think its important to call and apologize to us or offer any kind of explanation. We stayed worried to death that we would get to the airport and may not have a flight back. The hotel apologized numerous times and said it wasn't their fault, bookit.com has said nothing.

However I intend to say a lot. I will post everywhere that I can and tell everyone that I can how they treated us. I know of two trips that I have cost them and hopefully other people will heed our advice and use another company. I would not crate my dog and let these people ship him across town, much less send another person out of the country!

Let me add...there is NO customer service, no help, no emergency contact person when this happens. When you call you get a different person every time and they just don't care....you are on your OWN! People use a local travel agent or someone that you have used in the past. As posted here by other people the "savings" are not always "savings" and the hassle is just not worth the worry and the time that you spend on your vacation to correct problems that they have created for you.

My husband and I cruise all the time and once a maid forgot/skipped cleaning our room. You would have thought the world had ended the way the cruise line acted but bookit.com leaves me in Mexico to solve my on problems for two days.

I will never use them again and to say that they really spoiled two days of our vacation is an under statement! I almost forgot to say that my view was the roof top of other hotels/motels, but if you made an effort you could see the a little of the ocean (I forgot to mention that....just so happy to have a room I guess!).

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #799861

Maybe you should crate yourself.

Livonia, Michigan, United States #756129

Based on my experience I just had, I couldn't agree with you more!!!




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