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A few days ago I posted a comment about how BookIt.com mishandled a hotel reservation. Since then, a representative from the resolutions department contacted me and worked very diligently to resolve the problem.

Thank you Keira!!! She was very helpful and professional and was able to find a us a nice hotel in the same vicinity. I'm glad we gave them a second chance!!

Any other company would have swept the problem under the rug, but they persevered and resolved the issue. I travel often and look forward to doing business with BookIt in the future!

Alicia R.

Monetary Loss: $497.

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I am sitting in my rental car in Orlando, FL watching my kids sleep after being denied a room at Wingate by Wyndham at Orlando Int'l Airport that I reserved and paid for through Book-It online. Can't get in touch with Book-It because their phone center is being upgraded and won't be available until 9:30am Sunday morning, 7 hours from now.

Wyndham is no better with a girl who ignored me at the check-in desk in favor of flirting with several drunk young men. No rooms in my name, tried to call Book-It, then refused to contact a mgr to get this resolved. So I sit, a single mom with two kids in a car because we have no room.

This is a crime. Judging from the other comments out here, seems par for the course for this company.

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