This is my second time planning a vacation to Mexico through Bookit. The first time went so well I decided to try them again.

What ticked me off is, when I visited the airline's website (Spirit Airlines) after receiving my itinerary, imagine my shock when I saw the ridiculous fees for carry on bags, $30 per bag for International flights. Since we'll have 2 bags, each way, there's an extra $120 we have to incur. When I wrote, their reply was I could expect an answer to my inquiry in 10 to 15 days.

I called a customer representative, she said they always suggest we check the airline's website, but I was never told that. I'm very disappointed.

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Checked baggage fee has nothing to do with BookIt. Wrong tree ?!?


Not sure what you would want from Spirit. Their baggage fees are more than others because their fares cost less and they have little, if any amenities.

If you don't like the baggage fees or any other fees with any airline, then don't buy a ticket from that airline.

You do not have a "right" to cheap airfare. You must be a democrat.

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