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After booking a family vacation last September (2010), I get an e-mail notification from that "Continental" has changed my flight times which is not acceptable to me on March 2nd.

After holding on the infamous "Customer Service" phone line for over an hour, I contacted the airline who informed me that these changes were sent to in December!! Why am I only hearing about it now??? I also learned that does NOT give the airline your contact information so the airline was not able to contact me directly about this change.

As a result, all of the alternate flights have sold out and I am left out to dry - as is my small child. As I am writing this, and after numerous attempts to contact with no luck, I am still on hold with infamous and obviously non-existent customer service (30 min and counting).

I will NEVER book with this company again - yet another Florida fly by night company who takes their money and runs!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Flight Booking.

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Same problem here. NEVER answers their F'ckn phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo done.


No has seen fit to contact me as of 4:30PM yesterday to rectify this matter, also Continental has advised that due to your negligence, we are now on the 35th row of the airplane on our return and my family cannot sit together on the outbound unless we purchase "extra legroom seats at $69 pp" - Not!

I still await contact from ANYONE at with a solution here.


Dear Valued Guest,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the situation you described. At® we take Customer Support very seriously. In fact, one of our core values states that if our customers are merely satisfied, we haven't done our job. Please rest assured one of our Resolution Representatives will personally assist you in addressing all of your concerns.




I DO have the correct number for Customer Service which is the same number I was on hold with for eons. Finally at the end of a very long day, when I finally spoke with a CS rep, who went on to tell me that it's Spring Break and they are all very busy - are you kidding me??? Spring Break comes every year, this is not news people - AND if you are so dreadfully understaffed that people are on hold for over an hour - the HIRE MORE PEOPLE during your 'busy times'.

I did manage to speak with someone who, it turn, was NOT able to assist me (no big surprise there) with my concerns and issues.

Again, as waited for 3 months to notify me of my flight changes, any and all alternate flights have since been sold out(thanks to's negligence). never offered any renumeration, nothing but 'sorry for the inconvenience' -now that my itinerary has changed both way by 2+ hours, I cannot get to the airport as originally scheduled and will have to be out of pocket for a car service or airport long term parking fees - does anyone think would offer to pay? Of course not - would they dare offer a customer a discount on their hotel? We shall see, I am still awaiting a 'call back from a supervisor' which I doubt will come anytime soon.


Hello Sodano,

First of all we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced, and for the long wait/slow response time you encountered when trying to reach our customer service department.

I cannot explain why you were just contacted about this matter - especially if the airline is claiming that received the message in December. It does seem that there has been some mistake in regards to the delivery of the information about your flight. It may be our mistake, and we apologize nonetheless, that you weren't notified sooner.

I can explain however, that we do not share your contact information with third parties to prevent you from being opted into any promotional programs or spam lists without your knowledge.

I also do not know if you had our correct customer service number, which is: 1-866-969-9880, and there is a prompt that you can select for our flights department. Our main number has experienced an unusually high volume of calls this week, and though that is no excuse, please understand that we take an experience such as that which you have encountered very seriously. This is atypical of our service standards and we would like to to continue to work with you to reach a resolution.

I understand your frustration and hope that we can be of assistance to you and rectify this situation.

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