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3 comments made reservations for my plane landing at 10:15PM and my lodging check in time was only open until 7:00PM. I spent over a week and a half trying to fix this, what it came down to is they changed my flight to an early AM flight but then charged me $85 per person (4 kids and 2 adults) I tried to have them reimburse me for the difference since it was their fault in the first place.

They told me that they can't do that since all of the dates and times were explained in the itinerary. The same itinerary that I didn't get emailed to me until I paid already.

I ask this, what kind of company sends a family on vacation with no place to stay for the first night they are there? thats who!

Monetary Loss: $510.

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My husband and I have been looking at several unhappy customer reports over the internet. We check out all companies before we use them.

The above response from them is the same response given to each. Bottomline of what we found is 1) don't use them; and 2) if you already have and have had an issue, post it all over the internet. They will find it and finally reimburse you! If you keep quiet and don't fight it, you lose!

They may well be betting on those who won't push the issue.

Wonder why the Attorney General has not stepped in? Maybe someone needs to bring it to his attention.


OK just so everyone knows.... as per requested I sent this information.


Are you going to assist me or was the comment left so that it LOOKS like you are concerned with your image that the public sees, or are you truly going to provide customer satisfaction?

And what do you know, they still have not contacted me. See they don't want to help resolve any matter.... they just don't want to seem like the bad guy that costs people extra money because they messed up. They can't take responsibility for what they do wrong and make it right with the customer. They just posted here so that anyone looking at this site will think that they are trying to be reasonable.

I can't stress enough NOT to use unless you want lots of headaches and to loose extra money.


Hello, @Putergeek. I am a representative of and would like to help resolve this matter for you.

We have a dedicated team member in our guest elation department standing by to get this matter corrected.

Please email with your booking ID in order to help us better serve you. Thank for your comments and for affording us the opportunity to assist you with this matter.

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