Tried to book a trip to Seattle with Bookit.com during a busy time of the year. Error code kept coming up when trying to process payment. I thought the hotels I was selecting might have been sold out, hence the error code. I then called customer service to try and book something with a live person instead of online. The agent did look up my failed attempts on the computer, and stated that there was a problem with processing my credit card, which surprised me since there was ample credit available. I hung up with the agent and called my credit card company who stated that there were several charges from Bookit.com that had just been processed and therefore, had used up nearly all of my available credit.

I called Bookit.com back immediately to let them know what the credit card company said and find out what was going on since I did not receive any email confirmations for the charges. The Bookit.com agent said that they had no record of the transactions.

The agent put me on hold and called Alaska Airlines to see if there was anything from their end that could explain it. After 40 minutes on hold, the Bookit.com agent said that the Airline has put a "pre-authorization" on my card for several of the transactions, even though I kept receiving error codes when booking. The agent explained that these weren't sales, just holding of funds by the airline and that this pre-authorization will come off within 3 or 4 days. I know hotels sometimes do this, but meanwhile, I had no trip and $6,000 in tied up credit authorizations!

I went on to express my concern about whether these "pre-authorization holds" would turn to sales and fear I would in fact be billed for all these trips. Bookit.com assured me that this wasn't the case and I could call Alaska Airlines to try an have the removal of these "holds" expedited. I said my bigger concern was that I have no trip, no email confirmations, and funds tied up on my credit card. By this point, the agent was trying to encourage me to call Alaska Airlines and I was getting the sense she just wanted the call to end. The service was friendly, and the girl did try. Unfortunately my problems and concerns were unresolved.

Because I wanted this trip, I decided to book with Expedia eventhough it was slightly more expensive - no hassle - as online booking generally is.

Today, I checked my credit card statement to see whether these "per-authorization holds" had been removed as was promised, only to see charges from Bookit.com for the full trips on my statement!

I am pissed beyond belief.

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