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We called bookit.com to schedule our trip to Universal Studios. We called them because we wanted to make sure we got a hotel that had continuous transportation to the park.

A few days before our trip, we called to confirm. Turns out our hotel only had continuous transportation to Disney World. Bookit.com offered to reimburse us $200 to compensate for parking. They offered us no other options.

The included transportation, not having to drive, and everyone being able to leave the parks when they wanted was the whole purpose in using a company to book. When we got to Orlando we discovered our hotel wasn't just near Disney World. It was in Disney World! That meant we had to drive in both Disney and Universal traffic.

There was a hotel the same as ours located right next to Universal where we should have been. Bookit.com refused to make any changes to our hotel or to our tickets to make the trip more convenient. They did tell us they would work with us to come up with a reasonable compensation. We spoke to several people and were eventually forwarded to a supervisor...who would be out of office for two weeks.

After two weeks, we called again to find she'd now be out of office another week. We spoke to someone else and were transferred to another supervisor...who was out of office. This happened at least three times. They finally spoke to us today, nearly two months after our trip, and refuse to do anything additional for us.

After making us wait 2 months, telling us they'd work with us, and passing us from person to person.

We will not be using this company again. If we'd wanted to screw up our reservations, we could have done that ourselves.

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