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I would just like to warn your wonderful hotel that we (my family) were scammed by an online booking agency. You should NOT do business with them!

On Monday (1/9/12) my husband was looking for our spring break vacation online. He came across a deal on that would have given us 7 days and 6 nights at a beautiful resort. He was amazed at your resort and had me look at it the next day. The price was perfect for us…we decided to book it!

We told our children and everyone was super excited. Then I received a call from saying they were sorry but the price they quoted us and that we booked at was not available. They said they were going to cancel our dream vacation. I asked them what it would cost.

They said they are unable to even get us in at the pictured resort and that they can maybe find us something somewhere else. I said I want the vacation that I purchased! They will not do it. I think it was a bait and switch scam.

They wouldnt let us talk to a manager and said I had to cancel or my flight cost (2000!) wouldnt be refunded.

You have been warned...go elsewhere. You know its bad when the agent who called us said, "Well, thats the risk you take purchasing a vacation from an online source!" Thanks Jessica....nice advice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Flight Booking.

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Interesting that she would not book with them again since she tricked them into giving her that "dream" vacation for FREE! I have a friend who works there and he told me that the computer accidentally made a mistake and charged her $0 for her trip.

Of course they should not honor that and she is a pretty bad person to expect them to and also to keep poisoning people against this company. I have used BookIt many times and have had no problems.

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