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I booked a hotel reservation for 5 nights in Costa Rica for 12/25-12/31. The advertised rate was $85 per room, per night for 2 adults, 2 kids. Several days later and after over 15 phone calls (many international), it turns out they had wrong hotel contact info and hotel did not have availablity. Hotel said the rate was supposed to be $85 PER PERSON, per night and hotel would not honor the booking.

Bookit negotiated with hotel and this was their offer: Bookit would to pay a higher rate for us but the problem was they only had a room for 3 out of the 5 nights. They had no idea where we could stay the other 2 nights since all area hotels were booked. Finally, I canceled the reservation and am awaiting a refund.

They charged my credit card, did not honor the advertised rate, and had no solution to the problem. They need to be held accountable for false advertising and not honoring the agreement with the consumer. So, we have flight reservations with nowhere to stay. My first and last booking with them.

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:( My son and his new wife went through BOOKIT.COM and that's when the nightmare began. BOOKIT.COM screwed uo their honeymoon by flying them to the wrong airport and they had to take a TAXI for 9 hrs and had their lives in danger, in COSTA RICA.

I called BOOKIT.COM to get help and i was literally on the phone on Monday from 1:50 pm till 6:45 pm and again same day from 9pm till 2:15 am and no one would help me, even when this was their BOOKIT.COM fault. I just don't want people , families to go through what we FAMILY are going through.

PLEASE EVERYONE, do NOT go through BOOKIT.COM for your travels. PLEASE.
:cry :(
to khaloodmb1 #660155

Thanks for the info Khalood (hey, you're that celebrity from the Dr. Phil show, right?)! Anyways, I will never use this company as I have heard other horror stories as well......pass this on to everyone!!!


would LOVE to know how you got them to fix your situation arosario27 - I have spent HOURS and HOURS trying to get them to honor a goof on their part - nothing - now I'm stuck starting ALL OVER and might lose my airline fare to boot ....

BOOKIT stinks at this point - any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm supposedly waiting (now for 5 hours) for the highest management person (next to the owner) to contact me - UGH

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A few days ago I posted a comment about how mishandled a hotel reservation. Since then, a representative from the resolutions department contacted me and worked very diligently to resolve the problem.

Thank you Keira!!! She was very helpful and professional and was able to find a us a nice hotel in the same vicinity. I'm glad we gave them a second chance!!

Any other company would have swept the problem under the rug, but they persevered and resolved the issue. I travel often and look forward to doing business with BookIt in the future!

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