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I booked a room in Portland Oregon for 2 nights, I found the location where i wanted to say and clicked on book it. but the location i thought i click on wasn't the hotel they gave me. The hotel was American best Value Inn , much to my surprise they have 2 locations on the website but different areas. I guess i wasn't paying attention after i thought i clicked on my location, i reserved the room and when it was done i see i have the wrong location, So i immediately call, i get their horrible costumer service ,

They have me wait on the phone for 15 minutes, And i finally get a live operator since it was 8:30pst my time . So i asked them can i cancel this reservation since the website gave me the wrong location, they say sure but we can rebook you to the location of your choosing, so i give them the location where i wanted to stay and after another 15minutes of trying to rebook the new locations, they say its too late to modify your order its 12:00am the next day what are you talking about its 9:00pm my time.

So i say if i cancel how much will be my refund, granted my stay for 2nights cost $115

They said the refund would be $93 so i said fine that works. about 2 days go past i received a refund of $38 dollars. So I'm now in the process of chewing someone out. What a joke this website is DON'T EVER BOOK THROUGH THEM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bookit Room Booking.

Monetary Loss: $87.

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