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0 comments did not disclose refund policy and then upon cancellation issued unexpected refund "fee" of $300. totally scams buyers with a "No Refund" rule.

Don't buy from them unless you are 1000% sure that all travel plans ae going to work out (i.e., that you won't be needing to cancel for any reason, even a death in the family). The website functions off of a small team of employees who strictly read from scripts and cannot be expected to act professionally beyond what materials they are given. In fact, they become very rude and unethical with you, the flustered customer. If you cancel, let it be known that you will pay two nights for a vacation you will never see. never mentioned to us that there was any kind of cancellation fees on the phone and went on to DENY this when we attempted to cancel our credit cards. They lie through their scamming teeth! Also, Good bye hard work and vacation! It really hurts me as a human being and a nurse that I lost two days of work over this terrible company.

I lost $300 for booking and then cancelling a 5 day trip to Mexico over the phone, ONE HOUR after booking. They will also charge you to cancel over the phone, so make sure if you really need to cancel, that you cancel via their scam ridden website. If you are lucky and cancel quickly after booking, the airline (which is not affiliated with Bookit, thankfully) will be full refunded. Do not expect any mercy from this business, they are a profit oriented contrivance that does not consider for any special conditions (whether it's in the form of a refund OR as special request-if you tell them it's a special birthday, forget it) that the customer may need.

Do not expect any communication to pass between and the vacation vender to be received. I noticed this when we used the website before for a trip to DR, the vender had No Idea we even had a anniversary to celebrate. This is strictly a one-time shop and pay without hopes of return ( or any customer service) kind of business. I will never use this site again for "good" deals, they are comparable (at best) to other sites anyways, and they have lost a good customer for their crazy "policy" for life.

I plan to use Expedia (who has never failed me and also has a reasonable customer return policy) for the rest of my trips requiring a flight. Overall, a terrible experience and terrible customer service from some totally rude and low class employees.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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