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I have been a seller on Bonanza since 2015. Just this week my account (Shop) was suddenly "put on hold" (Shut Down) because Bonanza (a girl named Haley) claims some of my merchandise is a prohibited item.

I have tried numerous times to contact and have a conversation with Bonanza support, but to this day have not been able to do so. No one responds. I wasn't told exactly what in my inventory is prohibited; however, I suspect it may be my replica sports rings. If it is these items, and again I'm not 100% sure these are the prohibited items, are allowed on all other merchant sites without problem; eBay, eBid, eCrater, iFeed, Storenvy, and others.

A problem just at good 'ol Bananza! I also have a list of at least a dozen other shops on Bonanza selling the exact same merchandise that I am. And by exact, I mean the rings are the same and they are using the same exact product pictures (identified by designer/manufacturer's name on picture). Most have been selling these rings for years.

Some are rated as "Top Rated" sellers. Why are they not on hold? Why was I singled out? I caution anyone considering selling on Bonanza.

Their customer service is none existent. Real time discussion is not possible. No phone, no chat. Only slow, no response email.

The time and effort you put into setting up your shop and taking care of your customers gets shut down without notice and without an exacting explanation or appeal.

Consider using other sites for your sales. Less hassle and much, much better customer support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bonanza Marketplace.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree more than a 100% on this. Bonanza is just hype and does not live up to its standards.

I am a victim and I have experienced the same. I would like to call them cold blooded......No explanation, no reasoning and its a joke of a customer care experience. They just shut down my shop with no proper explanation, they played a game with me pretending by not shutting down my shop and after the fees were paid for that month they just suspended my shop that was doing well with good feedback.

They just turned all my customers to my Paypal account by false accusations can you beat that......When the customers were receiving my products on time they were astonished themselves as to why Bananza behaved like that.....I can provide proof for the same......Bonanza just bothers about payments and disrespects its sellers and buyers........My advice look at the bigger picture in a longer run don't fall for ads and false stats......I would personally give Bonanza a 0% rating.... and this is from a genuine seller with a 95+% rating selling with great customer satisfaction....