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I decided to try Bonanza in May of 2017 because I have been with Ebay nearly 20 years and am sick of their nonsense. Well, all of my Ebay listing were copied to a FREE account with Bonanza, 214 items.

Here it is late June and I have not had a single sale. Meanwhile I am getting solicitation after solicitation from Bonanza to upgrade to a PAID membership. Seems like a scam to get paid memberships. That along with the reviews I have since found all over the internet lead me to believe Bonanza is BOGUS.

I have been trying for two weeks to close my account but it remains open.

They say "look for the "View Benefits" on the upper right of your account screen but there is no such thing showing. I think it is time for a lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bonanza Account.

Reason of review: Lack of sales.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bonanza Cons: Scam.

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I was a seller on Bonanza too for a long while, although I didn't do much "selling." There's no traffic and the owners are not willing to advertise, so it's a dead-end. I was hopeful at the beginning but learned, as many others have, that it's not the place for $ales.


I have been on now for 3 months and nothing. I sell craft stuff and have had no problem selling on ebay, etsy and my own website.

I get the feeling all they want is for sellers to pay for advertising and add-ons because they can't be making money off sales if we aren't selling anything.

Don't know why they don't do advertising on TV and radio to boost sales. I'm canceling my booth.

@Debra g

Isn't it infuriating that we end up being stuck with evil Ebay simply because nobody else can get us sales? By the way, I tried Etsy and it flopped too. What is the deal with these sites?


I was also a seller on bonanza, close to 10 months (2016-2017) only 3 sales, traffic non existent. They asked me to take out some items because of violating policies (never told me exact policy).

I promptly did it however 3 days after that closed my acct without telling me why.

Didn't bothered me, doesn't worth it. Go somewhere else

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