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I was suspended from selling indefinitely on eBay for reasons that were extremely vague and non-legitimate, but it's eBay, so what's new. I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews saying that Bonanza is a giant waste of time.

It also seems many people are saying that costumer service is garbage and robotic, much like eBay. I don't think I will begin to even start selling on there..I did the whole create an account, and tried to import my eBay listings. The import took basically all day long and finally went through. It said that 53 listings were found.

Only 10 downloaded in reality, and it was literally my bottom of the barrel items I could careless about anyway. Nothing of any great value. Then when I tried creating my listing, it was confusing!!! Not user friendly or very helpful!

The listing uploads based on percentages. It's dumb. You get "5%" for creating a title, "30%" for posting photos...blah blah. What's total *** is that you can't complete the listing without submitting some sort of international shipping preference.

But they don't tell you that!!! So it took me like 20 min to figure out why I was missing the last "5%" of my listing. And if you select "I will not ship internationally as your shipping choice", they will not let you post. Seriously?

Made I don't want to post something, especially an item with free shipping, and have someone buy it a thousand miles away and I get stuck having to pay for it. Cause I wouldn't do that. Then I listed the item for "26.99" and it kept automatically creating a variation of the listing for "35.00" so my item says "26.99-35.00" what kind of price system is that?! The sight seems to have bad glitches in its interface and again, not very user friendly.

It's hard to navigate on the site. I'd say stay away....ebay sucks.

Bonanza seems to suck. What is the small at home internet seller supposed to do these days?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bonanza Website.

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