Tempe, Arizona
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I find the reviews for Bonanza hard to believe. We’ve been selling on Bonanza almost 2 years now. We have over 100 items. Our Amazon sales average 9k a month and we even manage 3-4 orders a week on eBay. All 3 online sales started identical times with identical products. In 2 years we’ve had 6 orders total, two of which was fraudulent orders. We selected the highest commissioned advertising as well as a Platinum Account. I can’t say it’s a big waste of cash but, if the hours and hours spent setting up and maintaining your account is worth anything, I would think twice.

Now they have a new Turbo Traffic……how *** am I thinking it would work. Support……none!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sellers and Buyers will be driven away from this site by the reviews listing bad experiences. If I were an investor in this company I would be trying to pull my money out NOW.

Whoever set up this company allowed a wide berth for internet scammers on the selling side of the business model. This site should be shut down immediately.