I was suspended from ebay for 1 year for violation of 2 rules they refused to show me which. Unreal but true. 100% feedback and no complaints from buyers..

Found http://bonanza.com It is heaven. Cheaper than ebay and friendly and helpful.... No relisting fees, if it dont sell you own nothing. Free listing to boot... 1/2 cost regarding commissions.

super people run it, works like ebay. Try it you will love it...

Pass the word, please... until I found bonanza i was a wreck and mad as *** at ebay... NOW they can kiss my @$$ cause I found heaven.

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Bonanza is extra hard to sell items and will try and get you to but there advertising products. They can pull the rug from under neath your booth at any time for no reason and will do so.

They suck just as bad as ebay.

Ebay is a cappy website and treats sellers like cap but you can sell 5 times as many items on there in a 5 times the time. Mark at bonanza is a self centered A hole just like the bosses at ebay..


Oh ***!!! I didn't mean to click on "***"!!!

I thought it would direct me to different posts. Sorry about that - I too am selling on Bonanza........tired of eBay!!!!!!

San Francisco, California, United States #698436

Very hard to sell anything on Bonanza. They have a lot more sellers than buyers.

No one knows about it. They need to market the website.

98% of shoppers are unaware of it. ebay has its problems (high fees, too many rules, tough on sellers) but everyone (buyers) go there first when they are looking for something to buy.


Yeah right. What nonsense.

There is no way eBay would kick you off for 1 year and then for life and not tell you the reason or not make it clear what the violations were for. Please LOL. You were either selling fakes, like knock-off Coach purses or Rolex watches or you were printing up fake coupons for free food.

Come clean. What were you selling and what were the exact reasons you were kicked off?


Went back and read the *** loly wrote about CS.... Now thats funny...

Ebay has NO CS... Wont call you back and just dont care..Worst CS i have ever seen!

Bonanza has the best CS you could imagine. I have taken time out of my schedule to write and thank them several times.... Trust me, everyone a Bonanza is in love with bonanza.. Go read and find out yourself..

I just recently found out I was banned from ebay for life... No joke. I violated 2 rules even though they agreed the rules wernt in effect at the time of my store opening.... They AGREED with that... Then argued that I violated the rule a second time even though the NEW rule effected 2 products in my store... It was a NEW RULE and I so called violated it ONLY ONCE. They agreed but said...OOPS second violation equals 1 year suspension.... Now I find out its life...JUST TOO FUNNY.

Google ebay complains Im not alone....

Thank God for Bonanza. (No im not making a dime for this)


This my friends shows you just how rotten SOME people can be... I have used both ebay and Bonanza. ebay is the pits and if you dont believe me Google "ebay complaints". Ebay is a nightmare.

For someone to write what lolyou did tells me one thing... Either they OWN ebay or they are in bed with them.

I promise you Bonanza is a superb site. Everyone there has delt with ebay *** and will tell you so... People write and thank Bonanza all the time for being ebays replacement... The message forum has Thousands of people Thanking Bonanza... Guess they are *** like me. LOL

I will take the high road and just say IMO ebay sucks like no other...

Check out Bonanza.com and see for yourself who is telling the truth.. You wont be sorry~!


BONANZA SUCKS! It's run by complete idiots who don't give a rotten *** about anyone but themselves!

And Mark is a *** ***. They kick you out of the curb and they dont care either. Their CS sucks, when you have problem buyers, they don't do *** to help you. They say "oh, sorry, your loss." And you have to resort to PayPal for your help.

EBay is thousand times better. Nothing sells on Bonanza, I've seen stuff there 2 years ago AND THEY ARE STILL THERE! It's *** hilarious. Why sell on Bon-***-za when you can do it on eBay where EVERYONE goes to buy and sell?

Bonanza sucks rotten dog ***, I hope they go to ***. :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
to lolyou #639520

I dont believe a word you say - you are obviously working for ebay to try and poison the water for Bonana with your filth spewing. If you are the level of class left on ebay you can have it!

to lvngwell Sound Beach, New York, United States #660637

Bonanza is a rinky *** site who would rather post totally *** jokes than propel sales even though it would benefit them to do so. They also claim to have 1 million users but if you search the user area most people have logged in and out in one day ever to be seen again but are still counted in the user numbers.

Not defending Ebay. I'm just saying that the numbers don't lie unless you go by the number of people on Bonanza.

to YaSure Orlando, Florida, United States #667678

Listen I have had stuff up on Bonanza, I had not closed my account on Ebay yet I wanted to do a trial run first...In 3 months not 1 sale...NOT ONE! No I don't work for Ebay I detest EBAY but at least stuff sells on EBAY...that's a fact!

I don't know where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do exactly because I am wanting to peel myself out from under the suffocating fees which equal all in all about 22% after all is said and done, if you look in your so called joke of an Ebay sellers invoice (it's confusing on purpose) you will see between paypal fees, ebay Fees, postage fees, listing fees...ect...ect it's 22% of your time, money, product and effort. I dropped the price of my items on Bonanza after 2 months to get sales started, but nope that didn't work either...still no sales...and when I post to the so called "round table" the discussion board they delete my questions...every time. Etsy was the same way after 1 year on Etsy I had ONE NONE PAYING SALE...where to go?

what to do?

No, both Bonanza and Etsy don't promote themselves they want the sellers to do it, so they get FVF and our hard work on promoting us for them for free...I'm not going to do it.

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