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Bluestar wasn't willing to do anything and told me to go back to the retailer. The retailer is trying to work out the full return of the range with a replacement range of a different brand.Bluestar needs to learn a lot about customer service. I felt I was dealing with a underdeveloped country and not a Pennsylvania based company!STAY AWAY FROM BLUESTAR - THEY ARE OVERPRICED AND UNDERPERFORMING!

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2021

The 48" range a nightmare. Bluestar been to house 3x since 11/2020.

They say both ovens are fine, but everything comes out raw. Need to heat ovens for 10 mins/100 degree temp so to heat oven to 400, need to preheat for 40 mins! And food comes out raw. e.g.

1 hour 10 mins to cook a 4lb chicken at 375 after preheating oven 45 mins. Should only take 45 mins for 4lb chicken

User's recommendation: Stay away from this $13K Crap!

Location: Stony Point, New York

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Same response I received when the appliance loft lost my platinum series for six months then delivered it damaged. Sorry call the Appliance Loft.

Even when Bluestar recommended them after denying me the ability to drive to Reading and Buy direct from them. Todd Robinson Wyalusing PA

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