Houston, Texas

My sister came across this companies web site and has an appointment this Saturday and I have taken it upon myself to do a little research. Texas BBB has no listing fot his company and advised me to get an address for them so they could help, so I call the 1-877 number and am told by rep that "I Do Not Need Their Address" why the *** am I asking for one then.

What are they hiding from us all? or is it just plain Hiding?

I have sent the BBB of Nevada an e-mail via their website will wait to hear before I answer my door for their Housecall rep on Saturday. RDF Pasadena,Texas

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Kerry Spry -National Director of Human Resources

Blue World Pools, Inc.

120 Interstate North Parkway East, Suite #426

Atlanta, Ga. 30339

Office: (800) 706-0907 ext. 7

Cell: (678) 334-9148


Whatever you do don't let them sucker you into anything. just don't answer the door.

They will rob you blind and make you think your getting a great deal. Trust me it's not worth it. The same pool they gave me for over 30,000 dollars after financing I could of bought for 2,000 dollars.

It's a bull *** company and some how they seem above the law. I just want them to pay back all of us who got screwed and get closed down.

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