120 Interstate N Pkwy E SE #426, Atlanta, GA 30339, USA
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A few reasons: First, they require ARBITRATION AGREEMENTS from everyone -- Salespeople, customers, contractors etc. An arbitration agreement means you are giving up your rights to sue them in a legitimate court of law and are forced to go before an arbiter, and guess what?

The rules are very different in arbitration. Just try to subpoena documents or witnesses for your case. Arbitration totally favors an employer or seller, and your reward (if you win) will be substantially less. Also, you can't file a class action lawsuit against these *** It won't take a big web search to see how many people have been ripped off because of this.

Second, they charge you almost triple for what you could get a pool from a local installer. There was a review here from someone who thought their installation crew was wonderful, it is because they did not work for Blue World, they were an independent contractor. You could have bought a pool from the contractor for much less. Third, am am suspecting that most of the reviews here are actually Blue World Pools themselves.

Why? very few people when they are satisfied shout a lot about it. I am telling you all you were taken in big time on price.

Also, hope you keep up on payments. You have a high rate first or second mortgage on your property now, for an overpriced pool that just won't last.

Reason of review: Bad Company.

Preferred solution: Blue World needs to close.

Blue World Pools Cons: Tremendous waste of time.

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