Richardson, Texas
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I clicked on Live Chat to askt a couple of questions. I didn't put my type my phone number in @ the beginning only my name.

While I am trying to get alittle info. about the $299.99 pool they kept asking me for a good number to contact me. I told the girl I just want alittle info to decide about the pool. Immediately, she terminated the call.

I tried back, different operator terminated my call before I could even ask a question.

They must have seen my name and decided not to chat with me. I will not buy from the company.

Monetary Loss: $299.

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they do the same thing when i call them on phone after they got there monney by selling out my contract that was not a loan to start with no it is a 2nd morgage on my home they eather hang up or transfer me and transfer till i get back to same person now and eather Jim or Wil will hang up on you.