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We had a Blue Wold Pool Rep come out for an estimate. They said it would be 90 mins...It took 4 hours! After they dropped the price by alot of money we decided to go ahead and do this.

Well after we signed the papers we decided that it was just really a *** decision and decided to cancel. We knew we had a 3 day window so we called they took another chunk of money off and my husband said to check it out with what are interest rate would be they said it would take 3 days (see the pattern there).

Well I wanted OUT of it and was upset. I came across this website and showed my husband and he said Cancel it. So my husband faxed a letter to them. I called to confirm that they got it he said yes but would not be able to confirm that it was canceled i said why???

After arguing for awhile he finally said you have to mail a letter to cancel it instead of fax. So I knew my time was running short and had my husband overnight the letter to have this canceled. Then I called for him to see if they had done so. They said they have the letter and they are "working" on it. This statement went on for hours.

We are "working" on it. So then after getting so aggervated I lost my cool and said im tired of waiting this should have already been canceled please do so NOW! They then said I was not on the account and could not talk to me anymore. SO then I said I will confrence my husband in and they said no he has to call us.

I said I will not hang up I want this canceled now! We have followed the proceders step by step! Then miraculausly a manager (who mind you had been in a business meeting with for 2 days) appeared. He very hatefully said HE WOULD NOT TALK TO ME ANYMORE BECAUSE I WAS NOT ON THE ACCOUNT!!.

I said I will call my husband in on confrence and we did. He then tried to say my husbands signature was forged! UGH the nerve! My husband confirmed that he mailed the letter and they said they would canceled it.

They have no choice at this point but to do just that. Keeping my fingers crossed...........

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If you see a commercial on TV that gives you a pool for $349.00, there is someting wrong. The average price of a pool is about 3K, this is for a very simple above ground pool.

What makes you think that a company is going to come to your home and install a pool for less than $400.? Please people, use your brains.


Me and my husband were going to buy a blue world pool when we

heard about all of the scams. The sales man we had was real pushy

with the contract he didn't want us to read it and he didn't tell us

about the 3 day cancellation I heard about that when I was going over the contract with Kevin Fisher. Well after one day we decided to cancel we started calling and everyone I talked to it wasn't there department until I got a answering machine which no call back not one time did anyone mention the letter until almost to late so we got

out the contract it said it needed a letter mailed or telegram so we faxed it on the last day we called them the next day and told them and they said they dont except it by fax so my husband went off after alot of ugly words between him and Katleen the finance woman I called back later she said the file was canceled we are still waiting on the cancellation letter from them because we just lost all trust in them I want proof these people are crazy and need to be out of business hsi they can quit doing people this way it isn't right!!!




To: Pool Buyer...

If you read the complaint right that is what this person DID! It was the lies and scams that happened in the process of this. They are Scams!


I am currently on the market for an above ground pool. A friend of mine told me about this company and how he saw the commercial on TV, "a pool for $349, that sounds too good to be true" I said.

So I decided to do a Google search on this company, as I do with all the TV Scams... and I couldn't believe my eyes. Over 143 pages came up on this company from 37 (that I counted) different websites and ALL BUT ALL sites were full of complaints about this company. If any attorney General or law maker overlooking this cases don't get a grip on this, that would also sadly confirm the high level of stuppidity of the law system in this country.

That's probably why they are not allowed to do business in Florida.

Thank you all for saving me from another headache! and I hope all works out for the best for y'all and this company is put out of business.


When I bought my pool from them the contract specifically stated that you could NOT fax a cancellation it HAD to be mailed (postmarked) within three business days from the date of sale. Usually by mailing it certified will ensure you have proof of cancellation.

This is pretty simple to do. Next time READ the contract!


Send this complaint to your State Department of Justice office ( Comsumer Protection)

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