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On Sunday, July 9th 2017, we called blue world pools to discuss the $299 pool they advertised on a commercial on tv. They sent a representative out to our home on July 10th.

The representative went all in to detail telling us we had to remove a section of our privacy fence and dig up some bushes so they could get a bobcat to bring in dirt and level out an area that ALREADY HAS A POOL SITTING THERE! We have a pool that has a rusted sidewalk and liner that is ripped so we were interested in getting the $299 pool! Seemed like a great deal! The guy takes pictures and calls blue world pools at least 3 times as he is standing in our yard.

Each time he talks to someone immediately. So he comes inside and goes through this whole presentation about why we should buy a blue world pool and suddenly we go from $299 to a $20,711 pool! My husband and I were like what in the hello is going on!? We go on to tell the sales guy that we didn't want to spend anymore than $6000 on a pool so he immediately calls blue world pools and talks to someone in the finance deptartment and he brings the price from $20,711 to $9800.

Requires a $200 deposit and says that we can pay $216/month with 0% interest. And we had to use our pool as a show pool for 3 times a year for 3 years. So we roll on with the process at the new price. The guy leaves not long after we fill out the paperwork.

After having a discussion about how they discounted us more than 50% of the price my husband and I thought it would be best if we got out of the deal. Something just didn't seem right. So less than 24 hrs later I called blue world pools to cancel. The representative hadn't even had time to mail the paperwork off so I called him and told him that we changed our minds and he said that he still had to turn the paperwork in.

BULL! So I started calling blue world pools and leaving messages for this kevin fisher guy! An automated message comes on and says that their finance department is closed. On a Tuesday.

That's not a holiday?! But yet someone was immediately available when we had called them at 9pm the night before!!?? So I continue to call back until I actually talk to someone which isn't until 10am! So the lady proceeds to tell me that kevin fisher doesn't get in the office until 12:30 and she would leave him a note to call me but it would take approximately half a day for him to return my call.

At 12:30 I start blowing his phone up and so does my husband but the girl tells us to stop calling because he will see the message to call us and he would return our call ASAP! ***! 12 hrs goes by and no phone call. So I started to do some research.

Read the contract that said you have to mail a cancellation letter to blue world pools within 3 business days of signing the contract so I did just that. I waited 24 hours to see if kevin fisher would call back. Nothing. Radio silence.

In the meantime I did some googling and started reading all of these horror stories so I really started panicking! I was bound and determined that these people were not going to get me! I proceeded to call them back to back, still no response. I sent an email to the customer service address on the website, sent a message on Facebook and FINALLY received a response but it just said to call kevin fisher after 1:30pm!

So that's exactly what I did. And of course when I called he wasn't available. So I started to get a little annoyed and the ginger in me came out. I told the guy who answered the phone if kevin fisher didn't call me back in less than 24 hours my attorney would be contacting blue world pools!

His response was "goodness" and then transferred me to kevin fishers voicemail. So I told kevin fishers voicemail the same thing! A couple of hours pass by and no phone call from kevin fisher. So I sent another message on Facebook since that seemed to work previously.

I asked for kevin fisher to contact me or he would be hearing from my attourney within 24 hours. So low and behold some guy named Sean sends me a message back and says that he would like to help however I had to send a letter (which I had already done) in the mail. This guy Sean actually ended up calling me later that day but told me again that I had to send a letter in the mail. So the $200 deposit was never drafted out of my checking account but what a nightmare it was to actually get to that point!


Product or Service Mentioned: Blue World Pools Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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