Huntsville, Alabama
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I am not pissed at all, but I am here to provide accolades about Blue World Pools and the great experiences I have had with them. My wife and I traveled a lot while I was in the Army and twice we lived in homes that had in ground pools.

We didn't think we would ever be in the market for a pool again, especially an above ground pool. There were a number of reasons but the top two were: maintenance costs and labor. It also was more difficult to sell the house, which was not what I had expected. Later when we rented a home with an in ground pool, again the costs for chemicals was more than we were prepared for.

So when I retired and we bought our final home, we did a lot of researching and finally asked a representative from Blue World Pools to give us a visit. From the moment he began his briefing, we knew that we were getting a professional. We ended up with a 25 foot deluxe pool. The installation went without a hitch.

The installers worked in 90 degree heat, but that didn't cause them to take short cuts. They had survey equipment to make sure the ground was very level. The instructions for the initial set up were very easy to follow. Everything was provided.

The set up went as smoothly and we had a fully functional and clear pool to swim in within 24 hours. After a couple of months we noticed a slight algae problem. I followed the instructions but left out a very important step with caused the green water to circulate back into the pool making it worse. I called Blue World Pools and was talked through the steps until I found my error.

It was a bit embarrassing, but the water became very clear and has not clouded up since. It has become like the claims say. Very little maintenance or chemicals required and the waters cleaner than any pool water I have ever seen.

The company is full of professionals that make you feel as though you are their only customer. I have recommended Blue World Pools to my friends and family and if you knew me you would know that I don't recommend easily.

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