Dallas, Texas

When they send the sales people to the customers and they set the appointments than they are employees and not 1099 independent contractors. I urge the Internal Revenue Service to immediately contact the Blue World Pool company in regards to matching social security funds on hundreds of sales people that the company has hired throughout the years.

The company has a history of fraud as can be documented in the files here. They have been subject to actions of attorney generals, BBB, and local television stations.

As far as i know they have not been in trouble with the IRS................yet.

Here is hoping for that!

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SCAM,is all I can say as well! I WAS going to get a pool from theses people,BOY and I glad I did research on them first!!

Seen that add on tv,and you know what they say...if it looks to good to be ,then prob is!!

To Ridiculous Post,obviously these reviewers know what they are talking about,many of them as well as other sites I have found ,HAVE been scammed! Just glad I wasn't one of them!!!


Some people really don't know what they are talking about!

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