Great product, great customer service, easy maintenance and chemical free pools. We bought our pool in 2011 and it has been the easiest to maintain pools I've ever had the pleasure to take care of before buying this pool I had worked in the apartment industries for 25 years and had pools on all our properties the upkeep was crazy , one of the most attractive features of our blueworld pool is the low maintenance and the fact it is chemical free.

We are very pleased and and would refer this pool to anyone. Thanks Blueworld we love our blueworld maintance free pool.

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My family bought this pool in 2009 and we loved it, easy to clean and everything.

As far as I know my parents didn't have trouble with the sales man.

But now it's 2014, and the past two years it's been hard to get a hold of them for parts. My dad called in 2010 for a new Izon thing but they took almost a year to call us back.

It's 2014, and we finally got it but now we can't get our pool back to the clear pool it's was. We have a pool place here and they are going to help us take care of it but we told them we will wait till September.

I would not recommend this company. Find a company that will help you when you have problems and not wait years to get back to their customer.


Too bad its summer and you liars are back posting your trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh

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