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The States Attorney's Office for North Carolina and Georgia have received information from reliable investigation sources charging Blue World Pools, Inc. / H.I.P. with Fraud and Forgery. an actual signature was compared to the one on the contract supplied by Blue World Pools and they were determined to be a clear case of forgery.

This companies reputation nation wide is one of deception and unethical business practices using contractors or installers that are not licensed in their state. When asked to provide information of installers who violated state and county codes, they refused.

Stay away from this company!

Investigation of Deceptive Business Practices

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I am lucky, I have not fallen for them yet but they call me several times a day after bring told not to. I am very against this way of conducting business and would love to help shut them down.

I'm wanting to ask all of you for any ideas related to the news broadcast idea. I can easily have them fall into my hands to get screwed over and set them up for an on camera meeting when they think their coming to my house for a sell.

Let me know if any of you know where or how to begin and I'll get the ball rolling because I myself am a small business owner in Indiana and won't stand for this kind of treatment and deception. Feel free to email me at

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