We are really enjoying our pool from blue world. We have had our pool for 2 years now and I can't think of one thing to complain about.

It has allowed more family time all in one place at the same time. I would recommend this company to any one interested in an above ground pool. It was great from purchase, installation, follow up & customer service. Thanks for wonderful business.

All you usually ever see on websites is negative, negative, negative so I decided to give credit where credit is due. Woo Hoo to a great job Blue World.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #799135

So you purchased the pool But are admitting you were *** with your money? I've had 3 above ground pools and if you think 12k is too much for a pool, you're too cheap to be owning one. Haha, people see *** and want everything for free

San Antonio, Texas, United States #675461

This ad must be posted by the Blue World Pool people. DONT LET BWP RIP YOU OFF NOR SCARE YOU.

As a consumer, we all have rights as well. DO NOT SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE WITHOUT READING AND THROUGHLY UNDERSTAND THE CONTRACT. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. One of my biggest mistakes was getting a pool from them.

I have been ripped off on an 18ft x 42” for $12,500. One last advice, DO NOT FINANCE YOUR POOL WITH THEM.

USE YOUR BANK. I financed mine thru my bank.


Fake ad posted by the garbage people at BLUE WORLD LIARS AND RIPOFF ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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