Marietta, Georgia

Great Company - Great Product!!!!!!!

My family is sooo happy we found Blue World Pools!

Now we do not have to spend the time and money on upkeeping a *** chemical pool!

All the years in the past of having spent countless time and money with a variety of pools from our dept store experiences to the local stores every four to five years has just been a waste of time and money. the quality and service we have gotten from Blue World Pools has surpassed all of our expectations!

We reccomend this company to everyone who wants the best quality and value.

Thank - You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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complete bull!!!!!!!shut up and stop robbing ppl u idiots!


This is what the rep said word for word to my family as well!! You guys are going down!!

You have no *** morals at all!! Robbing people in these hard times.

There will be nothing but a string of bad luck coming your way if you continue on with this scheme. Come clean now!!


hahahaha this sounds like a blue world pool company representative to me!!!!!!! this is almost word for word what the sales guy tried to pitch to me!

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