Belgrade, Montana

Blue world will promise you all kinds of things and give you warranties and the only thing you can count on is they cash your check and you have to chase them to get anything. I bought a pool in early April 07 with a promise on set up in 3 weeks.

It ended up with me calling every two weeks and hear every excuse to get a pool by the end of July. I got a pool but no ladder that came two weeks later. When I did get in the pool the bottom was so bad with lumps you could feel rocks that the pool cleaner couldn't skim the bottom. I called immediately and it took until July of 08 to get them to come fix it, yes they found rocks, tent stakes all kinds of stuff they never prepared the site just laid it out.

Now its 2009 and the liner is pulling off the outside edge. Called and guess what its past 90 days and I better call someone else to fix it the guarantee is only for 90 days...I feel like a fool and don't want anyone else taken advantage of........

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My husband was brainwahed to buy a round pool from Blue World,and all we originally wanted was estimate,but when I went to ladies room,the guy name tom had already had my husband sign papers,I should of cancelled withing three days,but my husband talked me out of it,cause you could sell my husband the Brooklyn Bridge,for he is so gullible. now the inside of pool feels like sand paper,the straps on ladder had dry rotted an dthe *** is not creeping,also small deck or what ever you call it is rusting an dpitting,yet we are still paying $350.00 month for this rotten pool, when for all this money we could have beautiful inground pool,to which we have always had before in Florida,an dtheir is only one valve on it an dno built in light,they gave us a light to which you have to install in ladder,that is very dangerous,for my sister has above ground pool up north and sh egot nice built in light on side buy filter,and kids are in it all summer an dshe has had no problems,so now were stuck with this *** pool,an dstill paying on it? Doomed and hate where we live to,but can't sell for homes in Florida are selling fo rpeanuts,dooomed big time?????????????


Yes, everything that is written buy consumers here is true. I worked for them for 2 weeks until I found out how they were treating the customers. They can't keep good employees, that's why it takes so long for them to make/keep the appointments.

They also have a full-time person who's only job is to answer all bad press and internet complaints to make it appear as though they are a legitamate, good company. They buy new website addresses all the time to refute all allogations

and put bogus info on it to make it sound legit. Horrible company with too much money to fail.

They are a terrible company that has already been banned in a number of states, including Georgia, their H.O. location. That should tell you something about their business practices.

They also hide behind a Nevada address that is known to be difficult to access to help you run out of the 3 day cancellation period, so you'll be stuck with the pool and contract.

They sell pools for 6-8 months and then go into the real estate business the rest of the year due to the liens placed on property.


I work for Blue World Pools, Inc. As I previously stated give me a call and I will personally help you in any way I can.

If there is something we did, we will fix it for free guaranteed.

My office number is 800 706 0907 ext 3031. Let me help you!

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