Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Having worked for the company and not getting paid for service, I can't believe anyone would buy one of these pools. I only worked one month, but I realized they dont want to sell you a $399.00 pool.

If you purchase an upgraded lifetime pool, You will be paying about $30,000.00 in interest payments to the finance company and they will put a second mortgage on your house.

Please don't buy any pool from Blue World Pools. I have called everyone of the people which committed to purchase a pool and informed them to cancel their order.

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Whoever you are sean, your words are just FLUFF and PUFF, and like your company, a SCAM. I have filed a complaint with BBB and I am getting ready to file with the attorney general because you guys refuse to pay me what is owed.

I have called several times and I am getting is attitude and this needs to be stopped. I hope I am able to prevent others from falling for the same scheme.

La Valle, Wisconsin, United States #32065

Blue World Pools prides itself on paying all contractors in a timely manner. Should there be any issue with an independant contractor's pay please contact me directly at 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031 Sean and it be rectified immediately. I can help!

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