Reston, Virginia
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never ever call or speak to anyone with this company the minute you give them your info they run an unauthorized credit report on you that will remain on your report for 2 years this company is a scam after calling the company to find out why this report was run i was switched around to so many people you can report and place a government complaint against this company with the ftc I would highly suggest that anyone experiencing problems with blue world do so as if enough people complain to the government they will put them out of business

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We just went thru the whole bargaining process with the nicest person from Blue World...1st (red flag) this deal is only good for today! @nd red flag we went from 20,000 and told them no way they went to 15,000 we still said no we just cant do it, down to 10,000.

We really thought this was a great deal ...this was yesterday how do we stop the process we are in the 1st of the 3 days to change our mind. PLEASE ANYONE!

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