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After being strong armed into buying a 24 ft round swimming pool that ends up costing OVER $30,000 by the time you get it paid off (they put a lien on your property without telling you also). I get a phone call yesterday saying that if they send 5 links to my email and I go to these links and post positive responses that I will get a free ionizer from them for my pool (which I think they sell for around $150, not exact on that price).

I do not like being bribed so I said ok and am now posting exactly what happened.

If this company was fair and decent they would not have to bribe people for positive responses. I do not know if it's illegal or not but it should be.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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You are awesome!! I think most of us realize that all the great "reviews" on here for Blue World are complete bull$hit, but it's nice to get confirmation.


I have tried warning you people about the TRASH and how they ARE NO GOOD!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!

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