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I along with the majority of people on this post was also victimized, and feel that this business has a pathetic way of intimidating people.. I too had a salesman come to my home and he stayed for 4hrs on a weekday as well, and wouldn't take no for an answer!!

Being the nonconfrontational type of person I am, I just felt that why not just sign and then cancel the next day, dumb choice on my part only to get him out of our house!.. not to mention as he was throwing the documents at us he was distracting us from concentrating on reading the contract on purpose talking about random things, he knew his tactics the paperwork wasn't presented to us until about 5min till he left around 10:30pm.. I have appointed a lawyer to help me resolve this issue with them, their contract is really unethical and I advise anyone interested in getting a pool to NOT buy from them!! As I was reading some negative comments which are many one complaint stated that the company actually bribed them into writing something positive about their company and they would in return get a free iondizer..

big deal they already paid for it and then some considering their pools aren't worth the thousands of dollars they proclaim!!

A salesman also that worked for them verified they are deceptive and he had to quit because he had a conscious.. Beware of their SCAM

  • Britney Dulany
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San Antonio, Texas, United States #662880

Hello Britney, I work for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and am looking to obtain a copy of a contract issued by Blue World Pools with a Texas customer. If you would be willing, please email me a copy of the contract at or call me directly at 210-257-4669. I am not able to discuss any details relating to my research, but would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

to Danielle Cabe Fredericksburg, Texas, United States #1221808

Did you ever get a copy of a blue world pool contract signed in Texas....I have issues and would be happy to share.

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