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The people at blue world pools have lost there minds. I have been trying since october of last year to get a rep.

out here from there. Well today they call again and say that they are unable to make, that i will be recieving a packet in the mail. like the other 2 times. So i call, The first lady in finance she was the rudest person, i did not even need to talk to anyone in finance, well long story short.

I finally got to talk to a rep his name was ROB. Do you know what he had the nerve to tell me. His exact words were " You have to make blue world pool beleive that you are serious, the only way to do that is to send the money for the pool." DO WHAT!!! No representative has been out here, i haven't even decided on what pool, everyone i speak to has attitudes.

Now this wasn't $100 or $500. More like in the thousand. They really are scamming people.

What can we do about this??? Does anyone know!!!

Monetary Loss: $11000.

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If you are considering buying a blue world pool, Don't do it. If you are considering EMPLOYMENT, Don't do it. Here is the *** I am going through right now with them, not to mention the fact that you make NO money after your on the road expenses. They do pay the per diem of $525 per week via western union, but that will not cover your motel, food and gas. They send you all over the place (in training they say they only send you w/in a 100 mile radius and that is total BULL) and you will spend so many hours driving and NO ONE can afford to buy these pools. They are way overpriced.

I hope that you did not take this job or purchase their product. I am currently fighting them for the measly $250 they owe me for the $25 per appointment bonus they promised. What a JOKE! I was told, when I asked them about their employment ad which stated that the average salesman makes between $2500 and $4900 per week which includes per diem, bonuses and commissions, that "OH yeah, SOME people who work for us make that kind of money." I was thinking.. OMG! These people are SUCH liars! The fact that they are even fighting me on such a small amount should tell you how dishonest this company is, by how it treats its employees.

IF ANYONE wants to contact me, please feel free.

to hmougey Houston, Texas, United States #639173

Thinking of joining them. Mistake?

to Sal Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #649037

I am thinking about working for them


OMG... I want to Thank Everyone of You!!!

I was looking BWP up to but a pool from them thought what the *** ya know great price... then I run across of of this really awfull stuff they've done to people!!! NO WAY!!

I will NOT be buying from them period... I am sorry for anyone who has!!!!


Yes, everything that is written buy consumers here is true. I worked for them for 2 weeks until I found out how they were treating the customers. They can't keep good employees, that's why it takes so long for them to make/keep the appointments.

They also have a full-time person who's only job is to answer all bad press and internet complaints to make it appear as though they are a legitamate, good company. They buy new website addresses all the time to refute all allogations

and put bogus info on it to make it sound legit. Horrible company with too much money to fail.

They are a terrible company that has already been banned in a number of states, including Georgia, their H.O. location. That should tell you something about their business practices.

They also hide behind a Nevada address that is known to be difficult to access to help you run out of the 3 day cancellation period, so you'll be stuck with the pool and contract.

They sell pools for 6-8 months and then go into the real estate business the rest of the year due to the liens placed on property.

Gandhi Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India #23439

I was told I could get a pool for 349 installed, the rep got here, try $9711.00 I almost had a stroke. Blue world is a rip off, the rep just left 3 min ago and here I am writing a review.

Dont buy from them, go to walmart instead you will be happier. If anyone has questions please contact me.

Weber City, Virginia, United States #20519

Well here goes.. The salesman already came out I got the wonderful call about the great free upgrade I will be getting but the installers have not showed up yet? Can anyone give me any advice???

Miranda, New South Wales, Australia #14865

No pool installed is that cheap...It is a bait to get the fish in. I have a pool from BWP.

It was $399. Times 43............

St. Julien, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, France #12557

$349 for a POOL? completely installed ready to use.

Only on a ready the area before they arrive. For this price what can you hope to really get out of it all? are you guys looking for GOLD, or at the least Silver? you are looking in the wrong tomb.

Go somewhere else to buy a POOL. TRY YOUR LOCAL "Little Guy" small business could really use your MONEY and support.

for the good of the USA we all need to stop going where every seems wayy to good to be true. we need to revert back to the good ole days and go to the stores down the road or in our local towns for everything we need.

Buffalo, New York, United States #11011

The reason they will not send out a representative to your house is because you have BAD CREDIT. They will not send out a representative if they feel that you cannot get financed for the $15,000 pool.

Nothing personal that is how they beat the Bait and Switch... they mail you the package, thus giving you the opportunity of purchasing the least expensive pool. If you don't believe me google "Blue World Pools Jobs" and you will see that they are promising Pre-approved leads to their representatives. I suggest that you call your state Attorney General.

I know that they are VERY INTERESTED in talking to consumers in their state encontered this problem. They are being investigated by various agencies, but they need your help.

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